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   Website policy

We understand that data security is of importance when providing personal details via a website, and that many people have concerns about how data supplied via a site may be used for purposes other than those intended.  Our policy regarding the privacy of your data and browsing of our pages is set out below.

Our website does not use cookies in any form.

Our site does not employ any methods of tracking your visits to other sites by way of hidden or visible links to search-engine analytical systems, advertising servers, etc.  The only information retained about your visits to view our pages is that contained in the usual server logs to show IP address, the referring page if you came to us from another site, your browser type, and so on.  This is the standard log information which is generally maintained by all websites, and which we use only for own our purposes of seeing how people find our site and for solving any technical problems.

JavaScript is used only to implement the fare calculator on our fares page, and does not perform any other function.  The script which operates this calculator runs on your own browser, and we do not keep any record of use.

If you request a quote or booking via our website, then the details of your request are stored in a secured area of our server in order for us to process that request.  These details are accessible only to our own office staff and to our independent technician and site host in order to provide technical support as may be necessary.  In no case do we provide data, even anonymous, to third parties for marketing or any other purposes.  A record of a completed journey is kept as required by our local authority's licensing conditions, but this is separate from our web server.  Request details submitted via the web form, whether for a quote or a booking and whether the journey actually takes place or not, are deleted completely from our web server when they are no longer required for either completing the booking or dealing with any queries likely to arise therefrom.  At present, our system automatically deletes the such data approximately 30 days after the date of the journey to which it relates.

If you subscribe to our mailing list then your e-mail address will be kept on our web server in order to let you know when we update our site.  E-mail addresses supplied for our subscription list are not used for any other purpose and are not accessible to anyone but our technical support agent.

We now require a verification code word to be entered when submitting a booking or quote request via our online form.  This is because there are automated systems which attempt to send unwanted messages via any and all such forms available.  By requesting the entry of a specific word each time, we can try to confirm that a real person is reading the page and making a genuine request.

In compliance with the Electronic Commerce Regulations 2002, full details of our business address, proprietors, contact telephone number, e-mail addresses, and relevant Hackney license may be found on our Contact us page.

This page will be updated should any of the above policies change for technical or operational reasons, but rest assured that we do not believe in making any personal data supplied to us for the purposes of our services available to third parties for other purposes such as marketing, visitor profile tracking, etc.

General e-mail inquiries related to our business should be sent to  Queries regarding any technical aspect of website operation may be sent to

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